Join our amazing team of volunteers as you help us further our mission and impact the guests that come through the door. People from all walks of life are welcomed. Our volunteer department has an opportunity for you!

Volunteer Opportunities:

All opportunities are geared towards guest engagement and service. Everything we do at the zoo should touch stone our mission to have people care about and protect wildlife. Listed below are all of our opportunities. Please note that some of these options may require additional training and/or additional interviews after being accepted as a volunteer.

All volunteers have to complete 20 hours as an Interpretive Volunteer before they can be considered for another position.

All opportunities

How Do You Join!?

  1. Complete a Volunteer Application
    1. Applications open December 15th through January 15th
    2. Applications open October 1st through November 1st
  2. Complete an interview with CPZ Volunteer Staff
    1. Once you complete an application, they will reach out to you for an interview
  3. Pay a non-refundable $45 program fee (only if selected into the volunteer program). Fee waivers are available for select volunteers
  4. Pass a criminal background check executed by the City of Waco
  5. Get proof of a negative TB test
  6. Attend a Volunteer Orientation
    1. During the interview staff will let you know the date options for orientation
      1. February 1st 6pm or February 5th 10am
      2. November 13th 10am or November 15th 6pm
  7. Attend a Guest Service training and Interpretive training
    1. Dates will be available at orientation
    2. Feb 19th 10am or Feb 22nd 6pm
    3. Nov 20th 10am or Nov 22nd 6pm

General Requirements to Volunteer:

Volunteer Benefits