Zoo Scavenger Hunt:

The education department can craft a personalized scavenger hunt just for your group focusing on topics that your team is interested in or what your class is learning! We want your field trip here at the zoo to be one filled with learning, exploring, and having a good time.

Using an application called Goose Chase. Your team will go around the zoo, looking for answers and completing prompts all on your electronic devices.

*The zoo does not have wifi throughout park. You will need a device that can support the application for your scavenger hunt.

Must have a two week notice for the program, but can be scheduled for any day and time.

$50 per group. You will be able to download the game to as many devices as you need. Admission not included.
Payment is due one week before program.

Length of program: Depending on the topics you would like to hit, but in general will focus on the whole zoo

For more information or to schedule a Scavenger Hunt, please call 254-750-8467 or 254-750-8466.

Animal Presentation

Meet some live animals up close and learn more about them as we discuss their importance on our planet. Animal presentations are given under the pavilion at the zoo and are the perfect way to start or end your zoo visit.

Animal Kingdoms focuses on a variety of animals and what makes each of them so special.

Have No Fear looks closely at reptiles, insects and invertebrates and what makes them stand out and why they are so important to a balanced ecosystem.

Wild Features examines amazing animals and their specialized features that protect them.

*The animals presented are dependant of weather and temperament and no particular animals will be promised for a program.

4 and up

Animal Presentations are available September through May, Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

$75 for first program and $50 for each additional program the same day.
Multiple programs can to be scheduled for larger groups.
Payment is due one week before program.

Length of program: Approximately 20-30 minutes

For more information or to schedule a presentation, please call 254-750-8467 or 254-750-8466.

Behind the Scenes Tour

Schedule a once in a lifetime peek Behind the Scenes at Cameron Park Zoo. Your group will enjoy touring areas that are typically off limits to the public, while learning specific information about our zoo residents.

*The areas toured are dependent of what is happening at the Zoo and no particular areas will be promised for a program.

5th grade and up, groups of 25 or fewer

Behind the Scenes tours are available September through May, Monday through Friday, 10:30am or 2:30 pm

$35 per person, this includes admission cost
Payment is due one week before program

Length of program: Approximately 45-60 minutes

For more information or to schedule a Behind the Scenes Tour, please call 254-750-8467 or 254-750-8466.

Education Programs must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.
To schedule a group visit (field trip), without an education program, please call (254) 750-8400.

All programs require advance registration.

Reservations:  Call the Education Department at (254) 750-8466 or (254) 750-8467.

Cancellations:  If you must cancel a scheduled program, please call the Education Department as soon as possible.

Rescheduling:  We will try to reschedule your program, however, rescheduling a program can not be guaranteed.

Chaperone requirements:

The zoo staff is responsible for teaching and facilitating the program.  It is the responsibility of the chaperone to maintain control of the group.

Cameron Park Zoo’s Education Department aims to provide diverse educational opportunities that foster an appreciation for the natural world and inspire life long learning while broadening awareness concerning the conservation of wildlife and the preservation of biodiversity.