New Hatchlings

Two New Hatchlings at Cameron Park Zoo

WACO, TEXAS (May 24, 2024) – Cameron Park Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of two new hatchlings, marking another milestone in our conservation efforts. A little blue heron and two roseate spoonbills have recently joined our diverse family, enriching the biodiversity of our zoo and contributing to vital conservation initiatives.

The little blue heron is the first of its kind to hatch at Cameron Park Zoo. The wild population of little blue herons has decreased by nearly half over the last 50 years.  There are very few zoos that house this species of heron.  Of the twelve little blue herons listed in the global zoo population, eight of them reside at the Cameron Park Zoo.

Similarly, the arrival of the two roseate spoonbills signifies a step forward in our efforts to support the sustainability of this iconic species. Like flamingos, the striking pink hue of spoonbills is attributed to their diet, comprising of tiny crustaceans and fish. At Cameron Park Zoo, our spoonbills receive a meticulously balanced nutritional diet tailored to their specific needs, ensuring their health and well-being. Today the Cameron Park Zoo is among a handful of U.S. zoos and aquariums contributing to the sustainability of roseate spoonbills.

Both the little blue heron and the roseate spoonbill are emblematic of the importance of wetland habitats. As wading birds, they rely on wetlands for sustenance and shelter, highlighting the critical role of these ecosystems in supporting diverse flora and fauna. Wetlands serve as invaluable assets for flood protection, erosion control, and aesthetic enjoyment, making them among the most productive habitats on our planet.

Join us in celebrating the arrival of these new hatchlings and reaffirming our commitment to wildlife conservation. Visit Cameron Park Zoo today to witness the beauty of nature and support our ongoing conservation initiatives.