Waco, Texas (March 13, 2024) – Duane Hills, Deputy Director of Cameron Park Zoo, recently collaborated as an instructor for an AZA (Association of Zoos & Aquariums) professional Development course entitled “Effective Leadership: Foundation and Development.” The course, held in Salt Lake City, welcomed twenty-nine participants from various zoos and aquariums across North America.

Designed specifically for zoo and aquarium leaders and middle managers, the week-long course aimed to cultivate strong leadership foundations while providing support for frontline staff members and individuals aspiring to leadership roles or seeking growth within their current positions.

Reflecting on his involvement in the professional development program, Duane expressed his enthusiasm stating, “I get a chance to contribute to meaningful work and help in the development of upcoming leaders within zoos and aquariums.”  He emphasized the importance of effective leadership considering the changing landscape of institutional practices, noting that well-prepared leaders are essential for navigating these transformations successfully.

The course, co-taught by Duane Hills and five other experienced instructors, provided participants with valuable insights, strategies, and practical skills to enhance their leadership capabilities within the dynamic environment of zoos and aquariums.