General Curator

Waco, Texas – February 28, 2024 – Cameron Park Zoo proudly announces the promotion of Brian Henley to the position of General Curator. With an extensive background in zoology and a decade-long tenure at Cameron Park Zoo, Brian brings a wealth of experience and dedication to wildlife conservation to his new role.

Brian’s journey in the zoological field began in 2002 at Gladys Porter Zoo, where he laid the foundation for his successful career. Since joining the Cameron Park Zoo family nearly a decade ago, Brian has exhibited exceptional leadership skills and a deep commitment to advancing the zoo’s mission.

Prior to his promotion to General Curator, Brian served as the supervisor of the herpetology department, where his expertise and passion for reptiles contributed to the department’s success. His lifelong fascination with ecology and wildlife conservation has caused him to travel extensively to further enrich his knowledge and understanding of diverse species and ecosystems.

In addition to his pivotal role at Cameron Park Zoo, Brian actively engages in conservation efforts on a global scale. He holds prominent positions on several esteemed boards within the zoo and academic communities, including serving on the AZA’s Taxon Advisory Group Steering Committee for Crocodilians and being a member of the IUCN SSP Crocodile Specialist Group. Brian’s dedication extends beyond organizational boundaries as he also contributes his expertise to initiatives such as the International Iguana Foundation and the Cuban Crocodile program.

Brian Henley’s promotion to General Curator underscores Cameron Park Zoo’s commitment to excellence and conservation stewardship. His leadership will undoubtedly help propel the zoo to new heights as it continues to inspire and educate visitors about the wonders of the natural world.

Please join us in congratulating Brian Henley on this well-deserved achievement.