Zoological & Botanical Society

In 1955, a group of outdoor sports and wildlife enthusiasts had a vision that has become Waco’s second most visited tourist attraction.

The Cameron Park Zoological & Botanical Society founded Waco’s beloved zoo and has guided its growth for nearly seven decades. What started with just thirty animals almost 70 years ago is now a nationally recognized, highly-respected and essential part of the Waco community.

The Society’s mission is to promote and advance Cameron Park Zoo by rallying public and financial support; to champion the zoo’s efforts in advocating conservation awareness and cultural enrichment through education and recreation; and to enhance the zoo’s enterprise as a survival center for native and exotic animal species and an active community partner in economic development through tourism.

Cameron Park Zoo’s history and leadership in the national zoo community are possible due to the unique working relationship between the Cameron Park Zoological & Botanical Society, the City of Waco and McLennan County. 

The Society’s strong, long-standing partnership with the City of Waco allows funding for myriad programs, exhibits and other zoo activities with private donations rather than the people of Waco’s tax dollars. Cameron Park Zoological and Botanical Society host events that help raise critical dollars for animal enrichment and zoo improvements. We fund educational programming and raise conservation awareness.  Our Society is proud to make significant investments each year to conservation efforts worldwide to help save our animal ambassadors’ wild counterparts. Most of all, we’re grateful to serve the people of Waco by providing unforgettable opportunities to learn and enjoy the zoo many of us have supported all of our lives.