Time to go “neck and neck” with your friends! Join us for the long and short of it on November 13, 2021 as we honor our tall friends the giraffes at the 2021 Cameron Park Zoo Stampede, brought to you by H-E-B and Reliant.

Online registration begins May 30th with early bird pricing and goes until November 12, 2021. Register early for the best pricing and the best attire; shirts only guaranteed thru November 1, 2021 at 11:59:59 p.m.

Packet pickup will be November 12th and 13th, 2021, onsite at The Cameron Park Zoo.  Your 5K entry will include a long sleeved cotton t-shirt; the 10K will include a long sleeved technical (dri fit) shirt. Additional shirts are available for purchase.

H-E-B’s Zoo Stampede remains a staple of the Cameron Park Zoo calendar and an important way to contribute to your zoo’s ability to provide advanced animal care and essential conservation work. It’s a tall order, but your participation in this year’s run furthers Cameron Park Zoo’s mission and allows our dedicated staff to remain hard at work, ensuring the animals flourish and receive world-class care each and every day.

We look forward to sharing this year’s live Stampede experience with you; it will be head and shoulders above the rest!

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Consider Donating With Your Race Registration


Cameron Park Zoo is home to four coyote brothers. They are very energetic and playful. Coyote are known to be sly and cunning which can pose a challenge in finding ways to keep them stimulated. One of their favorite ways is with Large Wobble Kong’s. The Kong’s are strong enough to stand the bite force of a coyote and they allow us to hide treats inside them. We can put food items or scents in the Kong and they will throw it around and play for hours.

Meechi and Red, our resident Macaws, love new toys to play with and chew on. Natural cuttlebone helps file and shape their beaks to keep them looking pretty for the public. They are also approved to play with most fun parrot toys that have blocks and ropes. $25 is the perfect amount to supply our Macaws with tons of fun new items.


Giraffe have prehensile tongues, which means they can use it to grab or manipulate items. Their tongues range in length between 18 to 20 inches. They spend most of their day foraging. To encourage this natural behavior, we love to give our giraffes puzzle feeders for enrichment. It allows them to use their tongue to pull food items and browse out of the puzzle feeder. They are so good at it, that the Animal Care Staff has to come up with new feeders all the time, so they continue to get enrichment that stimulates their brain and tongue!

Poison arrow frogs are found in Central and South America. Your $50 contribution would provide environmental enrichment and exhibit upgrades such as waterfalls, misting expansions, and live plants.


African Lions are the only species of big cat that live in large groups, ranging from 15 to 30 individuals on average. They are very social and playful. They love enrichment, especially Boomer Balls. They will bat the balls around, chase them and even carry them around in their mouths. Boomer Balls are made of very heavy plastic, which allows the lions to engage in a natural play behavior without causing much damage.

It is our goal to encourage natural behaviors for the animals. Forage feeding is one of those behaviors. $75 would buy timed automatic feeders that would allow the birds to be fed randomly throughout the day. This is an exciting form of enrichment and benefits all the birds greatly.


African Elephants are very intelligent and social animals. They are able to look into a mirror and recognize themselves. Not many species of animals can do that! One of our favorite enrichment items to give the elephants is called a Looky Lou, which is a mirror that we can hang from their enrichment pole. The mirror provides social enrichment, but also manipulative enrichment.

Clown fish are very active and inquisitive. They spend a lot their time cleaning and protecting the anemone they call home. At the Cameron Park Zoo we like to provide different objects to their environment to keep them busy and stimulated. $100 will buy them new and exciting tank decorations and give them all something different to observe and explore as they swim around their tank.

If you prefer to give a different amount for your donation that’s great. The animals and staff of Cameron Park Zoo thank you!

 We would like to thank our sponsors for their support!

Interested in becoming an H-E-B Zoo Stampede sponsor? Please call 254-750-8423.