Asian Forest

Imagine traveling into the jungle to encounter an abandoned Asian temple inhabited by Bornean orangutans and Komodo dragons. This is your experience in the Asian Forest expansion at Cameron Park Zoo. Beginning your journey at the Zoo’s Sumatran tiger habitat, you continue along the raised pathway and experience the roar of a waterfall as you look into the temple’s altar, where the Komodo dragon rests among the roots of a strangler fig tree that has entwined itself throughout the building. Outside the Komodo dragon’s temple home, there is an abandoned reflecting pool where koi fish swim in the flowing water. Moving under the temple canopy, you discover a large glass viewing area where, gazing at the highly intelligent orangutans, you can ask the question: “Who is observing whom?”

Moving away from the temple, a more playful area emerges: Jungle Jim’s Playground. This creative play area offers an opportunity for young and old to experience art and music through play.  If you are lucky, you may be fortunate enough to be honored by an orangutan baptism in our own unique Wild Wash, where the orangutan can choose to push a button and douse visitors with water!

Immersed in the beauty of the surroundings and the awesome presence of such magnificent creatures, it is our hope that visitors will gain a greater appreciation for the need for conservation efforts worldwide.