African Elephant Habitat

African elephant, Tembo, enjoys this large habitat at Cameron Park Zoo. A pool offers her a place to cool off while large depressions in the rockwork and termite mounds offer places for keepers to hide enrichment treats and a tall enrichment pole allows Tembo to forage for treats overhead.

Visitors can often enjoy watching the keepers paint with Tembo or perform training and exercise sessions in the area of the exhibit that lies adjacent to the African lion habitat.

Animal Welfare Statement:

Cameron Park Zoo is dedicated to excellence in animal care and welfare. All decisions regarding the health and welfare of our animals are made by Cameron Park Zoo animal experts who know each of the animals as individuals. The well-being of our African elephant, Tembo, is no exception. She is cared for by a dedicated group of animal care professionals, some of whom she has known for more than 25 years. She is in a place where she feels secure, with people that she knows. The animal care specialists at Cameron Park Zoo know Tembo and her history, and we believe that it is in Tembo’s best interest to stay in her home among familiar surroundings and her herd of people that love and care for her. As with all of the animals at Cameron Park Zoo, we will continue to assess Tembo’s situation and all decisions will be based on what is best for her as an individual.