Green Moray Eel

GyGreen Moray Eelmnothorax prasinus
Is it a snake or a fish?

The green moray eel is a blue/grey fish with a yellow mucous coating making it look green. It is found in the western Atlantic Ocean from New Jersey to Bermuda and the northern Gulf of Mexico southward to Brazil. There are more than 80 species of eels.

Green moray eels are carnivorous animals and eat small crustaceans, worms, and insects in the ocean. During the day, they are found in cracks and holes in coral reefs and in or around shallow waters.

The average adult length is 5-6 feet long, and the maximum length is 10 feet.

Green moray eels have poor eyesight but a very good sense of smell. They must open and close their mouths constantly in order to circulate water over their gills.

Conservation Status: Not threatened.

Did you know?
Mature eels have the ability to survive out of water for over four hours and even travel over land. Morays are dangerous to humans, but they will not attack unless provoked.