Rana catesbeina

 “Jug o’rum”…

The three-note call of the bullfrog sounds like he is saying “jug o’ rum.” Bullfrogs are true frogs, with smooth moist skin, a slender profile, and long legs for jumping.

Their habitats are large bodies of water, ponds, lakes, and slow streams, most often seen at the edge of the water in vegetation.  In North America, bullfrogs are found in the eastern two-thirds of the United States. In Texas, they are found throughout the state except in mountainous areas.

Bullfrogs will eat anything that moves and can be swallowed; insects, crawfish, small fish, frogs, birds, and snakes.  They are cannibalistic and will not hesitate to eat their own kind.

Conservation Status: Not threatened

Did you know?
The call of the bullfrog can be heard for over a 1/4th of a mile.