Let your imagination run wild!

Begin your journey at Gibbon Island and encounter the White-Handed Gibbons.
Continue to the
Bald Eagle Habitat and meet our National bird.
Encounter the Galapagos Tortoises & enjoy our South American Exhibit where you will find a Capybara, sun conures, king vultures, squirrel monkeys and many other animals.
Take a rest at
Grammy Nell’s playground area and let your kids cool off in the splash area.
Enter the ship & cruise through
The Brazos River Country where you will experience a 50,000 -gallon saltwater aquarium and discover animals like the American Black Bear, Cougars, Jaguars, and many other animals indigenous to the Texas area.
After you have made your way through the Brazos River Country, enter the
Herpetarium and experience reptiles & amphibians in a new way.
Explore our 
African Savanna and meet giraffes, greater kudus, dik-diks, and crowned cranes. As you journey through the Savanna you will find the Elephants & Rhinoceros.
As you make your way through the African Savanna, listen for the Lion’s roar! Once you’ve found our Pride, you’ll also find our Meerkats.
Pass the lions and you’ll enter the
Asian Forest where Sumatran Tigers, Orangutans, and Komodo Dragon are located.
Finish your trip at 
Lemur Island and meet the Ring-Tailed Lemurs.