Upcoming Events

We’ve got tons of great events planned for 2014! Check out these events and check back for more upcoming events and information throughout the year!

July 18-31st- Cobra Naming Contest

Cameron Park Zoo Herpetarium staff celebrated World Snake Day on Wednesday, July 16th by accepting a new King Cobra from the San Antonio Zoo. The new snake is an 8 year old female that measures 11 feet in length and weighs 10.12 lbs. Zoo visitors can see her in the Herpetarium and they can also take part in giving her a name. Visitors can vote on one of following three names by visiting the Cameron Park Zoo website, Facebook page, or the CPZ Zootique gift shop. Vote here: https://54208.blackbaudhosting.com/54208/Cobra-Naming-Contest

Lady Jaye – from the GI Joe and Cobra comic series

Hannah – because the scientific name of the King cobra is Ophiophagus hannah

(Ophiophagus means “snake eating and hannah has its origin in Greek mythology referring to wood nymphs, so the Latin name Ophiophagus hannah is loosely defined as snake eating forest dweller.)

Shelby – in honor of the famous car created by Carroll Shelby

Tuesday, July 29- Global Tiger Day

Monday, August 4- International Owl Awareness Day

Monday, August 14- World Lizard Day

Saturday, September 20- World Rhino Day & Elephant Appreciation Day

Saturday, October 25- Brew at the Zoo

Friday, October 31- Zoo Boo

Saturday, November 8- H-E-B presents The Great Zoo Stampede

Saturday, November 8- Wildlife Wonderland