Zoo Mobile

Let the Zoo come to you!

Enjoy a live animal presentation at your facility.  Meet 3-4 live animals up close and learn more about them as we discuss their importance on our planet. (Only 1 animal is brought for the Zoo Career program.) These programs are designed to sharpen students’ sensory and observation skills using touchable animals. 

Program Topics:

Creature Features focuses on a variety of animals and what makes each of them so special.   
Reptiles looks closely at these scaled animals, what makes them stand out and why they are so important to a balanced ecosystem.       
Texas Animals examines some of the great animals that live here in the state of Texas.

Zoo Careers covers the different types of jobs you would find at a Zoo.  This program is designed for school career days and includes 1 live animal, biofacts and “tools of the trade”.  Click here to watch a Step into the Wild program about Zoo Careers.

Ages: 4 and up

Times: Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Programs are 20 to 30 minutes long

Fee: Groups of 35 or fewer – $30 for the first program, $25 for each additional programs
Groups of 35 or more – (considered an auditorium program) – $125 for the first program, $100 for each additional program
Booths – (i.e. career days) $125 per hour

utside McLennan County – additional $2 per mile (mileage is based on round trip from the zoo to your location)  

Programs per visit:  Maximum of 4 

Our main concern is the welfare of our animals, and we need to ask your support in the following:  
~ Zoo animals must not be near or mixed with other animals (cannot be in the same room with classroom pets)
~ There must be a 3–foot area around the presenter where the public/class is not permitted.
~ A table and two chairs are needed for the presenters.
~ A contact person who can assist the presenters in keeping individuals away from the animal preparation area and be responsible for the conduct of the group.
~ The presenter will need a parking space close to the presentation site.
~ Presenters have the authority to cancel the program if they feel the animals’ welfare is in jeopardy.
~ Zoo Mobiles are indoor programs only. 

For more information or to schedule the Zoo Mobile, please call 254-750-8466 or 254-750-8467.