Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula
Grammostola gala

Hairy, scary, spider?

The Chilean rose-hair tarantula is a large tarantula that can grow to 5 inches long with legs extended. After reaching adulthood, males are generally slimmer with longer legs, while females remain stocky. Their name comes from the subtle reddish-orange coloration on the hair. However, depending on from where the tarantula comes, the coloring may be subtle or clearly visible.

They are found in Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. The rose-hair tarantula’s natural habitat is desert and scrubland. It eats other insects and has been known to attack small lizards, snakes, and rodents.

Conservation Status: Not threatened.

Did you know?
The rose-hair tarantula has hairs covering its body that it can flick into the air at a target using its back pairs of legs. These hairs are barbed and designed to irritate, and they can be lethal to small animals such as rodents.