Protect the Pride



Cameron Park Zoo’s Kaikane wants you to know…

That only 20,000 lions remain from a population of 200,000 a century ago? This summer, Disney and AZA SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction) have launched the Protect the Pride campaign which is a significant conservation effort to raise awareness of the lion crisis. Disney and AZA SAFE are supporting the Wildlife Conservation Network’s Lion Recovery Fund and its partners to help African wildlife and communities and their vision to double the number of lions across Africa by 2050.

Out of 236 AZA facilities, there are over 350 lions at 100 AZA accredited zoos. Cameron Park Zoo, who is accredited by AZA and participates in the SAFE program, has four African lions: Kaikane, Leia, Rey and Shamfa. The African Lion SAFE program’s goal is to increase the number of African lions in the wild through public engagement and partnering with those working on the ground in Africa.

During the months of July and August, Cameron Park Zoo is joining the Protect the Pride awareness campaign by raising funds to send to the Wildlife Conservation Network’s Lion Recovery Fund.  Cameron Park Zoological and Botanical Society is matching all funds donated up to $3,000. We kicked off the campaign with a private showing of the Lion King which raised $1,350.00. You too can be a part of this conservation effort by contributing today!