Legacy Society

A planned gift is a wonderful way to benefit the Cameron Park Zoological and Botanical Society. There are many ways to leave a planned gift, and gifts can be designated to a specific area, or allowed to be used by the Zoo for the areas of greatest need. Whatever you decide, you can be confident in the fact Cameron Park Zoo will comply with your wishes, providing you with a lasting legacy.

All of our donors who notify the Cameron Park Zoo that they have made a planned gift will be eligible to take part in The Legacy Society. Special activities are planned for and special recognition will be given to all of our Legacy Society members. To find out the many ways in which you can designate the Cameron Park Zoo as the recipient of a planned gift, consult the list below or call 254-750-8423.


A gift of cash is the simplest and most direct way to leave a lasting legacy. A simple designation in your will could benefit the Zoo greatly.

Personal Property

Antiques, rare books, coin collections, jewelry, or anything of value can be given to the Zoo. If you have a valuable item and wish to leave it to the Zoo, please contact us or your estate attorney to make sure the item is properly designated.

Real Estate

A personal residence, farm, or vacation home can be given to the Zoo upon one’s death, or we can structure the gift in such a way that the current tenant can continue to live on the property until a designated time. For donors who are interested in tax benefits, this is an excellent fit, because you receive an immediate charitable deduction and pay no capital gains tax.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A Charitable Remainder Trust distributes income to a donor or other beneficiaries for their entire lives or a specified term of years. After the end of the designated time frame, the balance of the trust is given to the Cameron Park Zoo. Contact us or discuss this option with your estate attorney in order to learn more.

Pooled Income Fund

The Zoo’s Pooled Income Fund is a fund established at the Waco Foundation. The Cameron Park Zoo would only access these funds in case of emergency, and the fund works as an endowment for the Zoo. If you would like to ensure that the Zoo is able to continue its programs and activities well into the future, this option is for you.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an asset that can be signed over to the Zoo in a fairly easy transaction. Retirement policies are also rather easy to be rolled over to the Zoo. If you don’t need to leave an insurance policy to your loved ones, or have multiple policies, this is an option to consider.

There are other ways to make a planned gift to the Cameron Park Zoological and Botanical Society which are not detailed here, but might be best for you. Contact Duane McGregor at 254-750-8423 for more information, or consult with your attorney on how you would like to structure your charitable gifts.